Do you want the Jewish wedding that you want?

One of my greatest pleasures as a rabbi is the privilege of officiating at weddings, especially here in the lovely red rocks of Sedona. It’s wonderful to be around couples in love and to co-create a Jewish wedding ceremony with them that is specific to their needs and their desires. As I always remind my couples when they ask me if the way they want their wedding ceremony to be performed is “allowed” or not: “This is your wedding—not mine.”

I happily perform interfaith marriages--with or without other clergy--as well as same-sex marriages. It’s a cold world out there if you’re alone, and I deeply believe that love must take precedence over any other factors that can be used to keep two people in love apart.

I work with each couple to create the wedding ceremony of their dreams. My fee varies depending on location, the size of the wedding party, and how elaborate a ceremony the couple desires. It includes pre-ceremony consultation by phone, by email, and in person, as needed; attendance at the wedding rehearsal to make any last-minute changes the couple desires and to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the “big day”; filling in the ketubah (Jewish wedding document), if requested; and the use of a lovely chuppah (wedding canopy) created by my wife Wendy the Weaver.

I am also happy to help my couples learn more about their Judaism on an ongoing basis if they are both Jewish, or about their Jewish partner’s faith and traditions. While I am happy to help a non-Jewish partner prepare for conversion to Judaism if that is their heart’s desire, I will never “push” a conversionary agenda on anyone. We each have to follow the spirit path that is right for us. There is not just one truth. There are many truths.

Call or e-mail me any time to explore making your wedding dream come true.


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